CommTalk Guidelines

Comm Talks will focus on experiences from the field (innovations, successes, challenges, and lessons learned) and will be limited to 10 minutes in length and should be structured like a TED Talk.

Please use the following script template to prepare your CommTalk:

COMM Talk Script


STEP 1: Make your audience Care (2 minutes)

  • What is the presenting challenge?
  • What is the scope of the presenting challenge? (Who is impacted?)
  • What is the size of the presenting challenge? (How many are impacted?)

STEP 2: Explain your Idea (2 minutes)

  • What is the idea you are presenting?
  • How does it address the presenting challenge?

STEP 3: Describe your Evidence (2 minutes)

  • How do you know your idea will make a difference?

STEP 4: Call to Action (2 minutes)

  • How can the idea be implemented?
  • Who will implement the idea?
  • Where can/should it be implemented?

STEP 5: Reveal the New Reality (2 minutes)

  • How will the work of those in the audience be affected if they act on your idea?


  • Use a maximum of 4 slides
  • Use each slide to make a point
  • Use as little text as possible
  • Use graphs, infographics, pictures

C. REHEARSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • With people you love
  • With people you fear
  • In front of small groups
  • In front of large groups
  • With peers
  • With people who are NOT experts in your field


All presentations should be uploaded on the summit website AND mailed to no later than Monday, January 25, 2016. To upload your presentation, please click on the following link: Next, login with the credentials sent to you, and upload your presentation via your ‘tools’ page. If you need assistance, see this tutorial.

NOTE: We will be contacting you this month to schedule practice runs with you via skype prior to the summit. These practice runs will take place the week of January 25—29, 2016. If you are able to arrive in Addis Ababa prior to the event, we can also schedule face-to-face practice runs at the venue on Friday, February 5, 2016. For more information regarding CommTalk Guidelines please email Eliana Monteforte at