Poster Guidelines

Poster Guidelines for the International SBCC Summit

A Poster Presentation is a graphic representation of your SBCC research or program. You will illustrate your findings by displaying graphs, photos, diagrams and a small amount of text on poster boards. The posters will be displayed in the Market Fair, alongside the Exhibit Booths.

You will be assigned a day to stand with your poster to present your findings and answer questions. The posters will be available for viewing during the morning and afternoon breaks as well as lunch. On the day of your Poster Presentation, please bring it to the Market Fair at the United Nations Conference Centre by 8:00 AM for hanging. Thumbtacks will be available on-site for mounting the displays.

Recommended Poster Sizes:

  • 30″ w x 40″ h (76cm w x 102cm h)
  • 70 cm wide by 100 cm tall (B1)

Other Guidelines

  • A chair will be provided for each Poster Session presenter.
  • No audiovisual equipment is permitted for poster presentations.
  • There will be approximately 50 poster sessions scheduled each day. You must remain by your poster board for the duration of the thirty minute session.
  • Presentations should be taken down within 30 minutes after the session ends. Display materials not removed following the conclusion of the session will be discarded.
  • You can bring handouts
  • Bring business cards with you in case the viewer is interested in more information.

Poster Development Tips

Materials should include the title of the presentation and list of authors. Letters in the title should be at least 1 inch high. Prepare a headline that is reflective of your research or program. Include your co-authors and affiliations (institution/organization) under the header for identification.

Your poster should present the information clearly and simply in a visually appealing way. Be careful not to overload it. Please use a consistent style/sequence (left to right or top to bottom) to guide the viewer through the poster.

You may use figures, tables, graphs and/or photographs where suitable. Keep the text brief and to the point. All the material on the poster should be legible from a distance of about 10 to 15 feet.

Avoid using short forms, abbreviations, acronyms and/or jargon. Make sure the font is consistent throughout. Avoid use of fancy fonts. Use upper and lowercase letters. Sans serif fonts such as Veranda are much easier to read than Serif fonts.

Printed papers and materials for your presentation should be sent ahead to your hotel, addressed to your attention and labeled “Hold for Arrival” or brought with you. Do not send any materials directly to the United Nations Conference Centre.

Speakers who fail to show up for their scheduled presentations without previously notifying the program planner of cancellation will not be permitted to present papers or posters at the next International SBCC Summit, tentatively scheduled for 2018.