Everyone traveling to Ethiopia to attend the SBCC Summit will require a visa. Ethiopian immigration officials, however, are only issuing conference visas for a period of 30 days. Please be assured that we are working closely with Ethiopian officials to ensure a quick turnaround and a valid visa for all participants. 

Those that registered during the EXTENDED REGISTRATION PERIOD (after January 11) must know that summit organizers will do our best to obtain clearance from the Ethiopian Immigration Authorities for you to obtain your visa, however, we make NO GUARANTEES. Please make sure you fill out the secure online form you will receive with your confirmation email to quickly facilitate the process.  

Please know, you must be prepared to work on obtaining a visa on your own.  

All registrants will receive an official letter of invitation signed by the Ethiopian Minister of Health to use in obtaining a visa.

For Participants from Countries with an Ethiopian Embassy

Summit participants from countries where Ethiopian embassies or consulates are resident or accredited may obtain Ethiopian visas prior to traveling to Ethiopia. Conference organizers strongly recommend that participants obtain their visas prior to travel. You may apply for your visa before January 11, but please know that the information required by the Ethiopian immigration authorities to complete the process will not be submitted until January 11. Please consider applying on or around January 8.

For Participants from Countries with No Ethiopian Embassy

For participants from countries without an Ethiopian Embassy or Consulate, the Government of Ethiopia will issue a Conference Visa on Arrival with your invitation letter. But you also MUST complete the secure online form for Ethiopian immigration authorities before Jan. 8 to ensure it is included with the information to be sent to Ethiopian immigration officials on Jan. 11. You may use your letter of invitation to board aircrafts and get visas on arrival.

For Participants from Pakistan, Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan

In addition to following the procedures above, participants from Pakistan, Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan will be required to get an initial approval from the Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs before getting a visa. Participants from these countries can begin this process immediately by filling out the secure online form and alerting Summit organizers at so they may seek the additional approval.

Any questions regarding visas can be sent to


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