*This FAQ document will be updated periodically

Questions Related to the Summit's Postponement

What are the new dates of the Summit?

The new dates of the Summit are September 20-24, 2021.

Where will the Summit be held?

The Summit will remain in Morocco and will be held at the Palais des Congrès in Marrakech, Morocco.

Is registration still open?

Registration is currently closed and will re-open October 31, 2020. An announcement will be sent out in advance of registration re-opening.

Will my hotel reservations transfer to the new date?

Unfortunately, the Moroccan Government has issued a "no refund" policy, Bill 30.20. Therefore, it is unlikely that hotels will provide a full refund, rather you should be able to secure a voucher for future travel. This is beyond our control, as well as the control of the hotels. Please work with your individual hotel to find the best solution. You can also find more information and the official Government statement here:

If you booked through the Summit website, that is, RTS, the Summit's Moroccan-based event company, please see the information below.

Hotel Bookings through Summit Website (excluding Movenpick): For hotels listed on the Summit website and reservations made directly through the site there are multiple options available. These include:

  • A voucher for the paid amount to use at a later date
  • A change in name of your booking without penalty
  • A transfer of your booking with the same conditions to the new 2021 Summit dates

For any of the above, please contact housingsbcc2020@rts.co.ma.

Movenpick Hotel Bookings: For specific information and to make any changes, please contact Hafsa.Aitouarham@movenpick.com

If you booked your hotel outside of the Summit website, you will need to contact the hotel directly.

Who will issue the travel voucher and how long is it good for?

The voucher will be issued by RTS and will be valid for up to 18 months.

What do I do about my airline tickets?
You will need to work with your airline to make adjustments. Most airlines provide an option to change the dates on a ticket for a small fee. Currently, a number of major airlines are waiving this fee in the context of COVID-19. It is important that you change your tickets prior to the current date of travel. The new dates of the Summit are September 20-24, 2021.

I cannot attend when it is rescheduled, can I get a refund?
While our first wish is to host you at the Summit from September 20-24, 2021, we understand this is not always possible for everyone. We also recognize the current situation is unique and unprecedented. As a result, we have reviewed and updated our refund policy.

We have considered a variety of options on how to handle registration fees and have developed several options:

  • Roll Over your Current Registration Fee to 2021: We hope many, if not all, of you will still be able to join us in Marrakech in 2021. In this event, we simply ask you to keep your registration fee with us which we will apply to your participation in 2021. The registration fee will remain the same.
  • Designate a Substitute: If you are personally unable to attend, you can designate a substitute to attend using your existing registration fee. The registration fee will remain the same. You can transfer the name up until July 31, 2021. Please submit your request here.
  • Contribute your Registration Fee to Support the Youth Scholarship Fund: As you know, we are eager to ensure our younger colleagues have the opportunity to join us at the Summit. We would be very grateful if you are able to contribute your registration fees so that we can help support more of the next generation of SBCC professionals to join us in Morocco. Please use this form to reach out if you are interested in supporting young people to attend the Summit.
  • Request a Refund: If, for personal or institutional reasons, you are not able to roll over your registration for yourself or someone else, we will provide a refund less a 15% processing payment. We regret that we cannot provide a 100% refund. The processing fee is covering un-recoupable costs for the planned event in 2020, including upfront expenses and processing fees.

All refund requests must be received by September 30, 2020. No refunds will be granted after this date for any reason. 

To help facilitate your return, you must provide the exact same information used at the time of purchase. We will not be able to process returns if the information is incorrect or does not match the form of payment used at the time of purchasing your ticket. When submitting your form, please be sure to click the submit button on the last page. You should receive a confirmation message that your form has been submitted. 

When filling out the form you will need to identify details on how you paid along with the information for the payee (who bought the tickets) and the registrant (who the ticket is registered under).

We are unable to provide refunds for individuals who are not confirmed. If the status in your profile is not "confirmed", but payment has been sent, please reach out to info@sbccsummit.org. We are also unable to return payment to credit cards.

I have an accepted abstract or are expected to present at the Summit. Will I still be able to present in September 2021?
The aim is to provide a current and relevant Summit to participants. This means that the SBCC Secretariat and Program Sub-Committee will be reviewing the program over the next couple of months. More information will be shared with presenters and the SBCC community once a final decision is made and process identified.

If you know at this point that you will not be able to attend in September 2021 and wish to withdraw your abstract, please contact program@sbccsummit.org to make changes.

Will you be accepting additional abstracts/proposals?
The SBCC Summit Secretariat, in collaboration with the Program Sub-Committee, will spend the next several months reviewing the current program. Once a decision is made on the current program and abstracts, we will review whether or not we will open up the abstract/proposal submission process. Should this happen it will be announced through the official Summit website and email.

I had my poster printed by RTS in Morocco. Will it be stored safely?  
Yes, your poster will be securely stored and waiting for you in October. No action on your part is needed.

Will my auxiliary event time and exhibit booth location still be honored?
Yes, everything that was in place will transfer to the new Summit dates, including the existing rate. For auxiliary events, you are not required to maintain the same topic. Should you not be able to attend in September 2021, please let us know as soon as possible. A refund will be granted, less a 15% processing fee. Should you request a refund and choose to rebook at a later date, we will not be able to guarantee the same rate, timeslot or availability.

Why are you postponing again when many countries are starting to relax restrictions and open up their borders?
While some countries are starting to loosen physical distancing mandates, there are still many unknowns about how the virus will be playing out in October. Some models are predicting there could be a "second wave" in September/October 2020. Taking into consideration the following factors, we felt we could not risk the health of the SBCC community by holding an in-person convening in just a few months from now:

  • WHO Mass Gathering Risk Assessment Recommendations which consider factors such as host government policy; crowd density; nature of contact; age of participants; and event duration, among others.
  • How other event organizers are shifting, with many postponing until the 3rd quarter of 2021 (International Social Marketing Conference, International Conference on Family Planning, etc.)
  • Required travel (90+ countries at different points in pandemic)
  • Logistical and financial commitment issues
  • The potential for vaccine development and availability

Will the planning committee host any virtual events up to the new Summit dates?
The Summit organizers are exploring opportunities for mini virtual events.

The first event will be hosted by our Youth Champions through an Instagram live series that will look at how Young People are responding and contributing to COVID-19. The series is meant to engage other young people but is open to everyone. It will begin on July 6, 2020. Meet our Youth Champions and check out their plan here.

As additional events develop, they will be announced through the Summit website, as well as the Summit emails.