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Co-chair Call Questions and Responses

Is there any financial support available to carry the preliminary fundraising as part of the Co-Chair role? If yes, do we have existing donors or stakeholders who support this cause? 

Is there any discretionary fund that can be used to kickstart initial activities, pending availability of funds from the fund-raising activities?

As “organization(s) headquartered in a low- or middle-income country (LMIC)” tend to have much lower budgets and more limited revenue streams than their cousins in the north, is financial investment/support being provided to the successful applicant org?

The Secretariat is committed to jointly raising money for the event itself as well as funds to enable the Secretariat co-chairs to provide the human and other resources necessary to fulfill their leadership role in the Secretariat and fully participate.

Based on preliminary conversations with some donors, there is some interest in providing financial support for the Secretariat co-chairs to carry out their functions. Fundraising will be a top priority for the 2025 Summit Secretariat as it will drive the amount of financial support available for the selected co-chair to co-lead the Secretariat. Minimal financial support may be available for the selected co-chair to engage in fundraising efforts and lead Secretariat meetings and functions.

If the answer is “yes” then would such funding cover operational staff from the successful Co-Chair organisation? 

As noted above, fundraising will be undertaken to ensure a successful SBCC Summit, which includes enabling the co-chairs to have the human and other resources necessary to fully participate and fulfill their leadership role in the Secretariat. Part of fully participating will include – but is not limited to – engaging operational staff from the organization in the planning and execution of the Summit.

Are there provisions for onboarding and other skills development opportunities?

There will be a process for onboarding the new co-chair (as well as other new members of the 2025 Summit Secretariat who may join). At this time, there are no plans for other skills  development opportunities, other than “on the job training” that results from participation in the Secretariat and planning the SBCC Summit.

We wanted to check if an organisation can apply given the Call for Applications states that the organisation should have ‘At least seven years of a relevant portfolio/body of work in SBCC and/or SBC.’

The eligibility criteria is that the organization has at least proven seven years of a relevant portfolio/body of work in SBCC and/or SBC. This would require the organization’s body of work to have started no later than 2016.

Is this position meant to support the Summit in 2025 only or does it also have responsibilities for 2027 and beyond. In summary, how long is the tenure for this position? 

This call is to support the 2025 SBCC Summit. There may be opportunities to support the follow-on Summit, depending on the interest of the organization and mutual decisions taken at the Secretariat regarding future engagement of all parties.

Can you shed more light on the context for “experience in fundraising” as a requirement. 

All members of the Secretariat have a responsibility to contribute to fundraising for the  Summit. As noted in the call “the Secretariat – led by the two co-chairs – must be committed to raising funds for the Summit.” Thus, the co-chairs will be expected to carry a larger share of the fundraising responsibility; therefore we are asking the co-chair to demonstrate a proven track record of soliciting and receiving funds – be it from international donors, private sector partners, or others. 

Kindly confirm that the due date is the 13th as there is also a mention of 6th October

Apologies for any confusion in the date for submission of the application. The due date is October 13th.

Does it have to be one organisation or is the Secretariat open to coalitions of orgs applying? If yes, are there any particular conditions or expectations around the nature of coalitions?

The call is for one organization to join the Secretariat as a co-chair, which will help ensure accountability and consistency.