Poster Presentations

Title Presenter Country
Significance of Village Economic and Saving Association (VESA) Level Social Behavior Change Communication (SBCC) in Increasing Maternal and Child Feeding Practices Girmay Abadi Ethiopia
Integrating Evidence and Behavior Science Models to Improve Community Health Abiy Alazar Ethiopia
Using a Commercial Audience Segmentation Approach to Tailor Family Planning SBCC interventions in Niger Elizabeth Arlotti-Parish United States
BCC Working Group: A Vibrant Community of Practice to Strengthen Social and Behavior Change Communication in Bangladesh Rebecca Arnold Bangladesh
Rapid Assessment of Barriers to Early Pregnancy Identification, Antenatal Care, Skilled Birth Attendance and Postnatal Care Service Utilization in East Shewa, Sidama and Gurage Zones of Ethiopia Getaneh Assefa Ethiopia
Using Participatory Approaches to Promote Sustainable Behavior Change and Strengthen Social Support for Women in Guraghe Zone, Southern Region, Ethiopia Lechissa Assefa Ethiopia
An Assessment of Health Providers’ Safe Delivery Preparation Practices Based on One Day Training Followed By Peer Led Practice Sessions in the 12 Districts of Uganda Innocent Atukunda United States
Improving Environmental Health: Engaging and Empowering Community Health Volunteers to Enhance Hygiene, Sanitation and Nutrition in Miriki Community, Kenya Claryce Auma Kenya
Social and Behavioral Change Communication (SBCC) Approaches in Comprehensive Newborn Care Package (CNCP) to Improve Healthy Newborn Care and Care Seek for Newborn Sheikh Azam Bangladesh
Reactions to a New Social and Behavior Change Strategy for HIV and GBV Prevention in Mozambique Hayley Bryant Mozambique
Analysing Implementation, Successes and Challenges to The Designing for Behaviour Change Approach John Collett Kenya
The Power of Counseling: Changing Maternal, infant and Young Child Nutrition and Family Planning Practices in Dhamar, Yemen Chelsea Cooper United States
Using Facebook in Georgia to Reach Women of Reproductive Age and Youth with Family Planning Messages: Does it Work? Andrea Dickson Georgia
Challenges in Using of Barrier Analysis Survey Findings to Aid Intervention Design Breda Gahan Ireland
Care Groups: An Innovative, Community-Based, Behavior Change Strategy for Improving Maternal and Child Health Etsegenet Hailu United States
From Preventing Ebola to Enhancing Maternal and Child Health: Bridges of Hope Community Toolkit Adapted to Meet the Evolving Needs of the Community Anna Helland/Marietta Yekee Liberia
Building Blocks for Behavior Change: Understanding Family Planning Use in Benin, West Africa Susan Igras United States
Information on Demand: Scaling A SBCC Innovation In Malawi Jodi-Ann Burey Malawi
Getting Zanzibar to Malaria Elimination: Design and Implementation of Zanzibar Continuous LLIN Distribution Strategy Mwinyi Khamis Tanzania
From Opponents to Advocates: Faith leaders Learn to Support Healthy Timing and Spacing of Pregnancy  and Family Planning in Siaya County, Kenya Cynthia Nyakwama/Bevalyn Kedogo Kenya
Mixing It Up: Using Traditional Outreach and New Media Technologies to Expand Dialogue On Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights in Uganda Niki Msipa-Ndebele United States
Understanding Key Drivers of Teenage Pregnancy In Eastern Uganda: A Synthesis of Findings From a Participatory Action Research Methodology, Action Media Judith Nalukwago Uganda
Reducing the Unmet Need of Family Planning In Uganda Through the Community Based Model in the Private Sector Francis Nsanga Uganda
Transitioning from Family to Self-Agency in Fighting the Spread of TB in Kenya – The ‘I The Cure For TB’ Communication Strategy Oby Obyerodhyambo Kenya
Community-Based Nutrition Integrated Platforms: Sudan Communities’ Self-Asserting Approaches to Behavioural Change for Improved Nutrition and Resilience Samuel Ogare Sudan
A Communication Response to the Malaria Epidemic In Northern Uganda Richard Okwii Uganda
Taking The Opportunity to Avoid Missed Opportunities: Accelerating Demand Creation for HIV Services Through Organizational Analysis-Guided SBCC Olusina Olusegun Olulana Nigeria
mHealth At Scale: Lessons Learned from Three National Social and Behavior Change Communication Campaigns in Tanzania Jennifer Orkis Tanzania
Making Skilled-Delivery A Social Norm: Lessons Learned from Machakos County in Kenya Victor Ouko Kenya
Effects of Social Communication in Addressing HIV and AIDS Pandemic Among Turkana Community in Kenya John Steven/Owiti Oyugi Kenya
Population Media Center’s 17 Year Contribution to SBCC Using Entertainment-Education (EE) and a Rigorous Evaluation Approach William N. Ryerson United States
Combining Evidence-based Approaches to Design Innovative SBCC Tools Fatima Shahryar Pakistan
Fertility Awareness and Family Planning Information at Your Fingertips! Results from an SMS Intervention In India Victoria Shelus United States
Using Participatory Methods to Promote SRHR Advocacy in Western Kenya Stephen Sitati Kenya
Usapan: A Group Education and Counseling Tool to Change Behaviors on Family Planning Reynaldo Soriano Philippines
Catalyzing Multi-sectoral Collaborations in Social Norm Changes to Prevent Early Marriage and Female Genital Mutilation in Ethiopia: The Experience of the Integrated Family Health Program Heran Abebe Tadesse Ethiopia
Exploring Barriers For The Uptake Of Freely Distributed Condoms Among Female Sex Workers In Ethiopia Habtamu Temesgen Ethiopia
Enhancing Capacity of Government Health Departments for SBCC Planning

Julia Rosenbaum

Title Presenter Country
Nutrition Impact & Positive Practice (NIPP) Project – A Community Centred Initiative for the Prevention of Malnutrition Stephanie Bradish Ireland
What Empowers Community Change Agents to Make Better Programming Decisions: More Independence or Closer Guidance?

Tahiana Harilanto Andriantsoa, Elysée Ramanamonjisoa, Linda Morales

Using Social and Behavior Change Communication to Improve Adoption of Optimal Maternal, Infant and Young Child Feeding and Postpartum Family Planning Practices in Lake Zone, Tanzania Chelsea Cooper United States
I’Fas: Innovative Multi-Media BCC Strategy To Improve Demand For IFAS Among Pregnant Women In Kenya (en français) Mamadou Diouf Kenya
Scaling Impact through Government Adoption: a Mixed-methods Study of the Sport For Life Partnership Programme in Ethiopia G Kirk Friedrich Ethiopia
Assessment of the Mwanzo Bora Nutrition Program Social Behavior Change and Communication (SBCC) Kit Aliza Hasham Tanzania
Improving Provider Performance: A SBCC Approach Katherine Holmsen United States
Using Mobile Phones to Evaluate Social Behavior Change Communication Interventions: Tanzania’s Case Study on Shuga Radio Programme Alice Ijumba Tanzania
Sexual and Reproductive Health Experiences of Adolescent Muslims In Kampala, Uganda Richard Imakit Uganda
Asia Springboard Secretariat BCCP Tawfique Jahan Bangladesh
Paradigm Shift in Communication: Lessons Drawn from HIV Prevention In Ethiopia Mirgissa Kaba Ethiopia
Listen and Learn: Developing Malaria Communication Materials for Rectal Artesunate Through an End-User Participatory Pre-Testing Approach Maud Majeres Lugand Kenya
Using DHS and PMA2020 Data to Design Family Planning Demand Creation In Kinshasa Hannah Mills United States
Door to Door Mobilization Approach Improved VMMC Service Uptake and Subsequent Linkage to Care and Treatment Among Adolescents in Maseru Lesotho Nkomile Mpooa Lesotho
The Contribution of the Champion Communities Approach to Healthy Behaviors and Utilization of Health Services in Democratic Republic of Congo Jean Baptiste Mputu United States
Behaviour Changes After 20 Months of a Radio Campaign Addressing Key Lifesaving Family Behaviours for Child Survival in Rural Burkina Faso: Results from a Cluster Randomised Trial Joanna Murray United Kingdom
Developing an Effective Behavior Change Model Through Information, Education and Communication (IEC) Material Among TB Patients, Treatment Supporters and Health Workers on the Copperbelt Province of Zambia Lottie Mwale Zambia
Using SBCC to Spark LARC Conversation among Youth and Providers Allison Mobley/Erin Portillo United States
Importance of SBCC In Immunization and the Experience of Using REC and CHWS In Tanzania Raphael Nshunju Tanzania
Converging Information Communication Technologies in Ending Maternal Preventable Deaths Jostas Mwebembezi Uganda
Innovating Mobile Phone Surveys to Strengthen Monitoring Activities of a Family Planning Reproductive Health Entertainment-Education Radio Serial Drama Program in Burundi Jean Bosco Ndayishimiye Burundi
What Media Channel Communicates Best? Increasing Demand for Rapid Diagnostic Tests (RDTS) in the Private Sector in Kwale and Mombasa, Kenya Nancy Njoki Kenya
Using SBCC to Introduce, Grow and Maintain Protector Condom Brand in Uganda Francis Nsanga Uganda
In-country Advocacy and Actions Converge to Increase Access Health Services in India Susan Otchere India
“How Many Are We? Settle Down”: Impact Of A National HIV Prevention Campaign In Tanzania Jennifer Orkis Tanzania
Building SBCC Capacity in Tanzania: The Experience of the ACE Mentoring Program Elizabeth Serlemitsos Tanzania
Improving Hand Washing Behavior in Rural Bangladesh: The Experience of Spring/Bangladesh Tonima Sharmin Bangladesh
Evolution of Behaviour Change Communication (BCC) and Its Effectiveness in Controlling Malaria Mayhem in Mumbai Dr. Sumedh K India
Condom Promotion For Dual Protection Through Edutainment Espilidon Tumukurate Uganda
Using Targeted Behavior Change Communication Intervention to Improve LLIN Use Following Mass Distribution in a North Central State in Nigeria Usman Usman Nigeria
Health Communication and Non-Communicable Diseases: Qualitative and Quantitative Findings From Saudi Arabia Carol Underwood United States
The Influence of Access to Internet on Youth Reproductive Health Choices JeanneMarie Nakato Zawedde Uganda
Building skills of Local Non-Governmental Organizations to Implement Social Marketing and Social Behavior Change Communication Activities in Malaria Endemic Zones in Kenya Tom Ngaragari Kenya
Top to Toe: A Multi-Media Approach to Bringing Lifeskills to Children from Low Income Families in Government Schools in Tamil Nadu, India Rajendran Jeevanandham India
Title Presenter Country
Tackling Supply Side Behavior Change Barriers In Aysrh: The Yerasee Project In Ethiopia Bekele Ababeye Ejeta Ethiopia
Improving Quality of Counseling on Short-term Birth Spacing Methods Among Private Health Care Providers in Cambodia through Provider Behavior Change Communication Intervention Heather Chotvacs United States
Improving Maternal and Newborn Health in Sierra Leone: Traditional Birth Attendants as Agents for Behavior Change Communication Jean Christophe Fotso United States
Equipping Local Ugandan Entrepreneurs with Electronic Tablets with BCC Applications and Videos Renate Douwes Netherlands
The Launch of The First 1000 Days mNutrition Know More, Be More Service for Frontline Workers Fasil Gebreyohanes Ethiopia
Findings from a Content Analysis of Tweets in India Related to Gender-based Violence: Opportunities for Social and Behavior Change Communication Tilly Gurman United States
Community Mobilization and Mass Media Campaigns: A Multi-Channel Approach Intervention to Contraceptive Uptake Adewale Haastrup Nigeria
Using Care Groups – Volunteer, Community-Based Health Educators – To Promote Health and Nutrition Behavior Change in Ethiopia Etsegenet Hailu Ethiopia
A Unique Approach of Developing Evidence-Informed, Unified Strategies for Social and Behavior Change Communication Programs Zaeem Haq Pakistan
Protecting the New Generation Through Social and Behavior Change Communication Tawfique Jahan Bangladesh
Addressing Gender Norms and Inequalities To Improve Maternal and Child Health: Building on the Evidence Base for Gender-Integrated SBCC Interventions Joan Marie Kraft, PhD United States
Kamiligado: Getting Community Volunteers “Fully-Equipped” for Community Action for Health Through Radio Distance Learning Pamela Kweka Tanzania
Game Like Techniques To Understand Lifestyle of Type 1 Diabetic Children Shilpy Lather India
Examining Breastfeeding-Related Infant-Caregiver Communication In Rural Guatemala Emily Little United States
Formative Research On Improved Infant and Young Child Feeding (IYCF) Practices In Burkina Faso Fodie Maguiraga United States
Training Teachers In Comprehensive Youth Sexuality Elizabeth C. Mallalieu United States
Socio-Cognitive Predictors of Exclusive Early Initiate Breastfeeding Among Primiparous Women In Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Anteneh Girma Minas Ethiopia
Evaluating The Effectiveness of the Onelove Campaign In Changing HIV Risk Behaviors Among Female Labor Migrants In Southern Africa Mohammed Umer Mir United States
Social and Behavioral Aspects of the Rat Trade in Vietnam and Cambodia: Implications for Emerging Infectious Diseases

Thaddeus Pennas

United States
Making a Difference in HIV Prevention in Prisons in Mozambique Joseph Petraglia Mozambique
Audience Feedback Research to Identify and Correct Problems In Broadcasting The Radio Drama “The Desire of Life” Hang Pham Viet Nam
Determined Behavior Change: A Comparative Study of the Application of Barrier Analysis Methodology Mathias Pollock United States
Going to Scale In VL Elimination Vidya Raghavan India
Analysis of Mobile Media Consumption to Inform Family Planning Promotion in Indonesia Radha Rajan United States
Crisis Communication and The Role of SBCC – Lessons From Nepal Earthquake 2015 Pranab Rajbhandari Nepal
Demonstrating a Cost-Effective and Highly Productive SBCC Model for Family Planning In India Kannady Laxmi Rao India
Designing the Evaluation Strategy for the Entertainment-Education Radio Intervention in Mozambique Massimiliano Sani Mozambique
Mobile Entertainment-Education Production Unit: Responding to the Ebola Virus Disease Public Health Emergency in the Local Context with Local Resources Sean Southey United States
Piloting Computer-Aided Qualitative Data Analysis Software (Caqdas) for Assessing Barriers To Nutrition Behavior Change Communication (BCC) Uptake and Utilization Among Congolese Refugees In Rwanda Mahamadou Tanimoune Rwanda
A Multimedia Communication Campaign for Prevention of Female Genital Mutilation In Ethiopia Negussie Teffera Ethiopia
Enabling Health, Gender and Social Change: Evidence from a Study Of Nepal’s “Bhanchhin Aama” Campaign Carol Underwood United States
Community Volunteers Action Towards Malaria Elimination: A Case Study of Nasarawa State, Nigeria Usman Usman Nigeria
Evaluation of SBCC Institutional Strengthening within the Public Health System In India: Challenges and Lessons Learned

Julia Rosenbaum

Empowering Communities to Access Clean and Safe Drinking Water Through School Led Interventions Jeannemarie Nakato Uganda
Lessons Learned Through Promoting Safe Menstrual Regulation (MR), Post Abortion Care (PAC) and Family Planning (FP) Using SBCC Approaches in Two Rural Bangladesh Communities Quamrun Nahar Nazneen Bangladesh
Una Herramienta de Comunicación Como un Vínculo de un Programa Preventivo de Salud: La Rueda de Prácticas para Vivir Mejor Christina Wakefield Guatamala
Innovative Practices for Improving Young People’s Sexual and Reproductive Health Care-seeking Behaviors: University “Help Points” and Community-based Reproductive Health Corners in Ethiopia Dereje Wondimu Ethiopia