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Comm Talks Guidelines

Comm Talks will provide a platform for one speaker to showcase or share personal experiences or insights in 10 minutes or less. The topic should be something new or surprising, a challenge to the status quo or a compelling new argument to a well-established and accepted idea. Comm Talks should be presented as a narrative or story, rather than in a formal or academic lecture format. Comm Talks are structured like a TED Talk.

Individuals selected to give a Comm Talk will be assigned to a coach and are required to complete at least one rehearsal session (virtually or in person) with their coach prior to the event. Comm Talks will be recorded and posted on the event website and other platforms, so others may participate in the session virtually.

To view when your abstract has been assigned, please review the program.

Room Equipment

A laptop connected to a projector with wireless and audio capability will be available in each meeting room. Please upload your presentation to your online profile (per abstract) on the SBCC Summit website in advance. When you arrive at your session, you will be able to open your presentation from the website on the laptop in the room. You should also bring your presentation materials on a flash drive as a backup.

You are responsible for verifying that your presentation materials are available in your assigned room prior to the session beginning, so please arrive early to check. Please note that flip charts, markers, tape and post-its will be provided.

Timing and Structure

All presenters are expected to respect the 10-minute time limit and to rehearse their presentation to ensure that they fit the time allotted. You may also find watching TED Talks helpful to identify approaches and ways of organizing presentations that you find compelling. The following template is a guide that can help you prepare your Comm Talk within the 10-minute limit.

Please use the following template to prepare your Comm Talk:

Part 1: Make your audience care (2 minutes)

What is the challenge your talk addresses?
Why is it relevant for the SBCC field and the main themes of the conference?
What is the scope and dimension of the challenge? (Who does it affect, where, how big is the problem, etc.)

Part 2: Explain your idea (2 minutes)

What is the main idea/finding/lesson/recommendation you are presenting?
How is it related to the challenge?
What makes it unique?

Part 3: Describe your evidence (2 minutes)

What are you basing your main idea/finding/lesson/recommendation on? This can be a very brief summary of a few research findings, and/or a brief description of the work that underpins your ideas.
As noted above, try to use storytelling techniques as much as possible and refrain from using too many slides.

Part 4: Call to action (2 minutes)

How can the idea be useful to/used by others?
What are the necessary steps or conditions to be able to apply the idea (including by whom, in what circumstances, etc.)

Part 5: Impact and closing (2 minutes)

How might the application of your idea affect those in your audience who act on it?
How will it improve the approach to the issue?
How will it improve the field in general?
Closing statement

Tips for Preparing your Presentation

  • Visual aids in the form of slides should be used to move presentations along and draw attention to central points. Consider minimizing text as much as possible in favor of photos or animations that reveal new information or emphasize a discussion point. Ensure any images or infographics are simple, clear, and legible.
  • REHEARSE! You can never practice too much. Rehearse with:
    • people you love (and who love you)
    • groups (small or large)
    • peers
    • people who are NOT experts in your field
    • your coach and fellow Comm Talks presenters on site at Marrakech

Participate in Comm Talks Webinar November 2, 8 a.m. EST


November 2: Presenters are asked to participate in a webinar on November 2, 8 a.m. EST

November 4: If your talk will be presented in a language other than English (French, Spanish or Arabic), please email commtalks@sbccsummit.org by November 4 to confirm your translation needs.

November 11: Your draft presentation should be submitted to commtalks@sbccsummit.org

December 1: Your final presentation should be uploaded to your profile (per abstract) no later than 5 p.m. EDT, Thursday, December 1

December 4: Participation in on-site rehearsal session Sunday, December 4 (details to follow shortly)

For more information regarding Comm Talks Guidelines please email info@sbccsummit.org.