Skills-Building Workshop Guidelines

Skills-building workshops should provide participants with the opportunity to develop new SBCC skills. These sessions should NOT be structured as a lecture but rather should be interactive and participatory.

Time Allotment

Facilitators for skills building sessions will be given two (2) hours to complete the workshops. Ten to fifteen minutes should be given to participants at the end of the time allotment to move from one session to the next.

Tips for Planning your Workshop

  • Make sure your session has clear objectives and outcomes
  • Ensure the facilitators are knowledgeable and experiences in the subject matter of your workshop
  • Balance your workshop with a combination of theory and practice, large and small group work and presentations from participants
  • Develop handouts and worksheets that can enhance learning during the sessions

Tips for During the Workshop

  • Arrive to your venue at least 15 minutes before the session to ensure all presentations, audios and visuals are properly set-up
  • Bring any printed handouts and worksheets with you to the session
  • Make sure you have time at the beginning for introductions (particularly of the facilitators but also of participants if the group is small enough) and housekeeping (let participants know where they can locate bathrooms and when their might be breaks etc.)
  • Review the rules of etiquette you expect from the participants to ensure your workshop runs smoothly
  • Begin by reviewing the agenda and clearly state the main objectives and outcomes of the workshop
  • During group or plenary discussions encourage participation by asking thought-provoking questions
  • Ensure the discussions are not off topic and stay focused on the workshop objectives


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