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Multimedia Showcase Guidelines

Multimedia Showcases will provide a forum that features listening, viewing and/or interacting with multimedia products or materials used in SBCC programs, including entertainment-education. Media might include film, television, social media videos, mobile platforms, music, radio, animation, comics, transmedia, virtual reality, interactive websites or other formats. Live performance or theater will also be considered. Submissions for the Multimedia Showcases should exemplify the diversity, the power and the impact of SBCC.

This year there will be two types of venues for presenting multimedia work: Extended Screenings and Panel Sessions. Each is described below.

To view when your abstract has been assigned, please review the program.

Room Equipment

A laptop connected to a projector with wireless and audio capability will be available in each meeting room. Please upload your presentation to your online profile (per abstract) on the SBCC Summit website in advance. When you arrive at your session, you will be able to open your presentation from the website on the laptop in the room. You should also bring your presentation materials on a flash drive with any slides or audiovisual files prior to the start of the session, as a backup.

You are responsible for ensuring your presentation materials are available in your assigned room. Please note that flip charts, markers, tape and post-its will be provided.

Timing and Structure

Panel Sessions

Multimedia Showcase submissions have been organized into 75-minute panels according to themes, media platforms or other criteria. If you have been assigned to one of these panels, you will be able to display all or part of your submission (depending on its length and the number of presenters in the panel). Panel Sessions have been organized to allow time for presenters to discuss elements of their work related to the panel theme or media platform, and to engage participants in questions and answers. Each presenter will have a maximum of 15-18 minutes to both introduce their multimedia product and show part or all of it, as time allows. Presenters are expected to adhere to this time limit in order to allow at least 20 minutes of the session for interaction and discussion with the audience. A moderator will be assigned to each session, who will be responsible for introducing panelists and enforcing strict time limits. All presenters are expected to respect these limits and to rehearse their presentation to ensure that they fit the time allotted.

Extended Screenings

A limited number of multimedia screenings have been scheduled during Lunch or during Open Space sessions to accommodate showings of longer multimedia products. If your media product is scheduled for an extended screening, you will be contacted by a member of the Program Sub-Committee with further details.

To view when your abstract has been assigned, please review the program.

Tips for Preparing your Presentation

  • Show up to the room venue at least 15 minutes early in order to check that your multimedia piece has been successfully loaded and to ensure that your presentation is set-up and displaying properly (including any online or audio components). This pre-panel check by all presenters is critical to the session beginning and ending on time. Any delays associated with having to load presentations at the last minute, will affect the time that you personally are allowed.
  • If your allocated time requires showing only a portion of your multimedia piece, it is a good idea to produce an edited version of the clip you will be showing as a separate file that can be played in its entirety without having to search for the beginning and end points of what you will share.
  • If you are presenting multiple videos during a single panel, you should consider combining them sequentially into a single file for ease of playback.
  • We suggest the following limits of video playback time or demonstration:
    • Panels with 2 or 3 abstracts: 6-7 minutes
    • The remainder of your time should be used for your oral presentation.
  • Your presentation may follow the outline of your abstract (Background, Methods, Results and Discussion). However, as time will be short, you may want to focus your presentation to provide more information on one aspect of your work that you think is of greatest importance or value, such as its purpose, background, development process, audience, and/or evaluation results of its use in your program.
  • Your presentation should include some discussion about how your material is relevant to the proposed theme for your panel and the themes of the conference.
  • If you use powerpoint slides, use consistent font styles and sizes throughout. Make sure you choose a style and font size that can be read clearly from far away.
  • Minimize the use of acronyms and spell out any that you do use the first time it is mentioned.
  • Add additional graphics or images to emphasize the key points in your presentation
  • As a courtesy to your fellow presenters, practice your presentation to ensure that you can finish within the allotted time. (It is difficult for a moderator to have to cut a presenter off, but they will be instructed to do so.)


December 1: Your final presentation should be uploaded to your profile (per abstract) no later than 5 p.m. EST, Thursday, December 1. Instructions on how to upload can be found here. 

For more information regarding Multi-Media Presentation Guidelines please email info@sbccsummit.org.